• Emma

Bye, Providence!

Packing up for D.C. began immediately after our last show in Providence on Saturday, October 5, and it was a bit chaotic, as expected. Once the house was empty (or, mostly empty), the crew started rolling road cases out onstage, and the teardown began!

For this first "jump," the band was given a full hour to load our gear into the band boxes; on every other jump, we will have a half-hour. Thankfully, cleaning and taking apart my five instruments actually isn't too bad, especially because I'm able to pack my clarinet at intermission and my flute during the last couple of numbers, when the band is sitting in darkness onstage.

I was worried about getting yelled at for taking a video while people were working, but a glimpse of teardown...

Bye, Providence! (And one staff member...)

We also spiked* our gear/spots on the band stand! (*Named for spike tape, not just a cool word.)

Earlier, during tech week, we played Tetris with our instruments to ensure that everything will fit into our boxes. We also added giant foam squares in between cases and wood paneling to keep things wedged in place. (Let's just say bumpy roads and expensive musical instruments do NOT get along. My Mama Bear instincts come out whenever I know I can't keep an eye on my precious horns myself; I take this packing very seriously!)

Bari sax and guitars; my instrument stands; and small instruments (flute/clarinet).

I ALMOST left Providence without signing the wall! Check out our awesome wall-tag, done by one of our fabulous crew members. If you're ever backstage at the Providence Performing Arts Center, look for us in the Green Room. :)

On another note, our last couple of days in Providence were a lot of fun! Dinner was provided between shows on Saturday, and Sunday was a full day off for the cast and band. I paid a visit to one more cute coffee shop, and a group of us went out for Korean Fried Chicken on our last evening!

Travel to D.C. was quick and easy! On Monday, the cast and band took a quick flight down and enjoyed the rest of the evening off. The crew, on the other hand, had an all-day load-out at the Providence Performing Arts Center on Sunday, then traveled in a sleeper-bus overnight to be prepared for load-in at the National Theatre (Note: hug a crew person, they have the hardest job by far!)

I haven't traveled with a large group since college marching band. Checking in at the airport with 20 of your BFFs will elicit raised eyebrows and dirty looks from other airline customers, but what can I say? -- we're a fun group. :)