• Emma

Hey! Here's a Cool Time-Lapse of Setting Up the Woodwinds Station!

Pretty self-explanatory. Video taken in Ft. Lauderdale.

... In case anyone is ~WILDLY~ curious, I've gotten my set-up down to a science and ALWAYS set up in this order:

1) Instrument stands: bass clarinet, bari sax, tenor sax with flute peg

2) Bari sax: also where I store my harness, Legere reeds, recorder, instrument swabs, and cork grease, which I need to have on-hand when setting up the...

3) Bass clarinet: which I take out of the band box at the same time as the...

4) Tenor sax

5) Clarinet: featuring a fold-up stand that fits in the bell. I take the clarinet out at the same time as the...

6) Flute: both the flute and clarinet cases stay with me onstage under my chair to help facilitate load-out later

7) Reeds: go on last, and since I'm playing on Legere plastic reeds, no wetting required (yay)

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