• Emma

HOME STRETCH (Little Rock, AR and Paducah, KY; 11/1 - 11/4)

Little Rock, AR

So, as I said... Back to Arkansas!

I didn't do much over the three days in Little Rock, mostly because we got into town Friday afternoon, sound-checked and played a show that same evening; played 2 more shows on Saturday; then had to load out after Sunday's matinee (whew!).

Additionally, this was our second-to-last stop before our first layoff! (Layoffs are exactly what they sound like -- everyone is flown home for however many days the layoff is, then flown back out to the location of the next show, and the tour resumes from there.)

Here are some photos of fun things in Little Rock: The Trolley (which I didn't ride), some good food and views around the city/from my hotel room, and the old Courthouse (which I didn't visit).

Paducah, KY

Ah, Paducah. We've been making jokes about Paducah since the beginning of tour, because 1) where even is this place?, 2) it's a one-nighter, and 3) it's right before our layoff (THE EXCITEMENT AND DISTRACTION WAS SO REAL).

When the bus rolled into Paducah, we learned that the band would be taking the early shuttle bus to the venue, which gave us about 20 minutes to run up and drop our things in our hotel rooms off before heading downtown. We had about an hour and half to burn, however, before the audio team and crew would be ready for us to start soundcheck. So, we had a lovely stroll around town. :)

Cute coffee shop; fall foliage; "Kentucky Coffee" tree?!; train and murals along the waterfront.

The beautiful theater in Paducah, and my spoiled-rotten clarinet with its own seat on the bus.

The show went well, and now...