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Providence, RI

HI, HELLO, I'm still alive and well! (SO MUCH has already happened, and it's only been 10 days!) So, I have some catching up to do...

I got in to Providence very late last Friday night and finally met my roommate, Joela, the bassist (and the only other lady in the band -- represent!!). The rest of last weekend was a whirlwind! We were at the theater all day Saturday and Sunday for orchestra-only rehearsal. Since the band was operating on a different schedule than the cast, crew, and management, we spent our lunch breaks and dinners eating out together and getting to know each other. Out of 8 band members, half of us have never toured before -- I'm grateful for the mix, and it's been a great "hang" so far!

Last Monday was our first full day off! I spent it on foot exploring Providence. I've only been to the northeast once (Boston). It's so charming up here!, and the weather has been absolutely beautiful -- except for one rainy evening. Touristy photos below!

Around Town:

Providence River Pedestrian Bridge:

Brown University/Nearby Areas:

India Point Park:

The Coffee Exchange:

(included because I worked on this blog there! ...and I'm a sucker for a cute coffee shop)

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