• Emma

St. Louis, MO (10/18 - 10/20)

Bojangles' at the airport in Charlotte en route to St. Louis was pretty great...! :)

The Fabulous Fox Theatre

This tour wouldn't have felt complete without a stop at a Fox Theatre. The Fabulous Fox in St. Louis was stunning, as expected!

Photos from in and around the Fox. Peppa Pig Live made me laugh; and our wall tag is pretty awesome! You can find us in the basement by the men's restroom (...glamorous).

My time lapse video didn't turn out so clearly, but there is a staggering amount of wall art backstage -- and this only covers the basement and 1/5 of the stage left stairwell!

The Gateway Arch & Museum

I was very glad to visit the Gateway Arch with one of my bandmates -- the most touristy thing I could think to do!

Tickets to the top of the arch (!!) included a visit to the underground museum, which featured several interactive exhibits on the history of St. Louis. (10/10 would recommend.) After wandering around the museum for a bit, we lined up for our scheduled ride to the top of the Arch. A docent gave a brief presentation on its history and construction, and then it was time to ride up in our little pods...!

1960's news/events collage; part of the Arch tour.

"The Pods." 4 minutes up to the top, 3 minutes down -- hope nobody's claustrophobic!

Awesome views! -- The Old Courthouse, the Mississippi River, and the shadow of the arch as seen FROM the arch.

The observation deck... narrow and packed!

Around Town

The Fox is very close to St. Louis University -- colleges and theaters are two places I can't seem to escape from...

Between shows on Saturday I wandered around the campus a bit, and one of my friends from college who is now in St. Louis came out to the show! We had Sunday brunch at Rooster, a St. Louis establishment (and I WAS SO EXCITED TO EAT REAL EGGS. #tourlife).

Historic Presbyterian Church (next to campus); Samuel Cupples House (on campus); Brunch at Rooster; backstage-onstage tour!