• Emma

Tech Week!

The show opened on Sunday, September 29th. Technically, this was a soft opening and all the performances up until Thursday, October 3rd were "previews"... But, we're past all that now, so hurray for officially getting this show on the road! It's been busy, but from here on, things should be smooth sailing!

Here are some photos from my first weekend here (band-only rehearsals all day Saturday and Sunday)...

Monday was our day off (see my previous post!), and on Tuesday, Sept 24, we finally moved to our home... ONSTAGE!

(... I have a lot of equipment...!)

On "soft" opening night, we were given very nice tour jackets, hats, and water bottles (which mistakenly read "Escape Margaritaville" -- hopefully not a bad omen!). We also took a music team "class photo."

After the show on Sunday, the cast, band, crew, management teams, and guests were treated to a rooftop after party--and cake!!

We've been having a lot of fun on and off stage here in Providence...! Last Tuesday, five of us went to lunch together at a vegan Chinese restaurant. On Thursday, the same group wound up at the same restaurant without coordinating at all! We decided to take a photo to celebrate how great minds really do think alike, and we must all be on the same wavelength by now.

... And I've also been doing chores. Like grocery shopping--I've had PB&J 10 days in a row--and laundry, in the hotel bathtub. (#tourlife is glamorous!)

We have three shows and as many days left here in Providence before we pack up and fly to Washington, D.C.! I'm excited for the next leg of the adventure and look forward to visiting the nation's capital!