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The Ozarks (Fayetteville, AR and Springfield, MO) - (10/22 - 10/31)

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

It took me until the bus ride to Little Rock to Google "Ozark" -- is it a bird? A plane? NO, it's a geographic region! (... We can add this to the ever-growing list of things I've learned on tour.)

Anyway, by this point, the theaters are all starting to look the same, the hotel rooms are blurring together, and at one point I so completely lost track of time as we know it that I thought it was the month of August in the middle of October SO here's the recap.

Fayetteville, AR

Staybridge Suites

I've never been to Arkansas: the land of Sam Walton. The Walmart Neighborhood Market was nice. Even better? ... Our suite-style hotel rooms!

I would never have believed kitchenettes could make people so happy: regular-sized fridges with freezers, double-burners, pots and pans, dishwashers! (What a time to be alive, truly.) My favorite part of the hotel had to be the free guest laundry room--none of that bathtub-washing nonsense for me in Fayetteville! At least half of the company joked that they wouldn't leave the hotel, and I.... Well, I was one of the hermits this week. :)



We even had a dinner party!

... It's the little things.


... happened during our time in Fayetteville, and the hotel was kind enough to provide access to a conference room for a few hours so that we could have a little party!

I'm not a huge Pokemon fan per se, but I realized I could throw together a Misty costume with my yellow shirt and jean shorts. I also "made" red suspenders with a Sharpie and some tape (amazing, what you'll come up with on tour). The costume was partly inspired by an earlier trip to Walgreens, where I found a Pokeball toy -- the perfect prop to help make my outfit more identifiable. However, Sosuke, our stage manager's adorable 13-month old son, had other plans for that Pokeball, and I didn't mind giving it up.

Dickson Street

The Walton Arts Center is at the heart of downtown Fayetteville, an interruption in a strip of shops and restaurants along Dickson Street. I enjoyed an interesting chai latte with citrus notes at Arsaga's (apologies for the #basic), the BEST grilled cheese at Hammontree's (and an awkward group selfie), and a mellow between-shows coffee at Doomsday Coffee on one of our two-show days.

We also celebrated two folks' birthdays at Shotz, where specialty drinks are poured into shot glasses made of ice, with the expectation that patrons will smash them rather ceremoniously onto the unadorned concrete floor. It was surprisingly fun (and the shots themselves are more juice and sweets than alcohol, so you could get away with drinking and smashing more than one!).

Bye, Fayetteville!

Lovely wall art by Katie ("Wanda"), the exceptional green room, and some weirdo signing the wall tag.

Springfield, MO

It was COLD here -- literally freezing temperatures -- and I intentionally left my winter coat at home for the fall leg of the tour, so I didn't get out much except to eat during our three days in Springfield. No fridges in our hotel rooms this time. :(

One of the cast members introduced me to the TLC series, 90 Day Fiancee, and we had a lovely watch party in her room. :)

Professional offices in old house; french fries at Black Sheep burger restaurant; Thai food at Rama Thai; Gailey's Diner (which was recommended to us by our Company Manager but where I did not end up dining); Mudhouse Coffee; our hotel lobby; and 90 Day Fiancee watch party.

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